Coffee tables are the centerpiece of living rooms. They are kind of a finishing component of your living area. So, let’s see the different types of coffee tables.


Traditional Coffee Tables:

          Traditional coffee tables are a perfect timeless choice for your living room. Because of the timeline of the history of furniture design, the first coffee tables were made from wood like all the other types of first furniture designs. That's because most of the “traditional” styles of furniture are wooden. The traditional style wooden coffee tables have deep ornaments, massive finishes and generally a bold color.

          When it comes to the types of wood coffee tables there are several types that are commonly used due to their durability, aesthetics, and boldness. Some of the most used ones are oak, maple, cherry and walnut. 

          Traditional coffee tables are the best match for the ones who love classic interior design styles in their home and craftsmanship .


Modern Coffee Tables:

          Modern coffee tables are the ones that you can find in minimalistic interiors. They are easy to combine with most of the other interior elements and they are the trendy ones when we compare them with other types of coffee table designs. 

          Modern coffee tables have clean and soft finishes and generally they have geometric shapes. Mostly they are crafted from glass and metal materials. With their sleek and soft design, they serve a sophisticated but not eye strain touch to any space that you use. We love the modern styles of coffee tables.


Rustic Coffee Tables:

          Rustic coffee tables are the one that you can use the spaces that you want a natural touch. Mostly they are designed with wood texture and aged wood materials, more simple design and rough surface. You can feel nature's organic feeling with rustic coffee tables. With their authentic design, they give a cozy and warm feeling.

          We can say that they are the best types of coffee tables for ski resorts and Christmas themed spaces.


Industrial Coffee Tables:

          Industrial coffee tables are the perfect combination of functionality and form. They are very stylish while they are very useful and have very functional usage. You can use industrial style coffee tables for both styling or decorating your space and use it regularly with its functionality. 

          They are crafted from such durable materials like reclaimed wood, iron and stainless steel. These types of coffee tables are a nice choice for modern styled areas too while they add a touch of urban and modern feeling to your space. 


How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table?

          With lots of different types of coffee tables, it is hard to choose the perfect one for your space. When choosing your coffee table the most important thing is if it is suitable for your needs and space or not. Design and style is important for spaces especially where you live but functionality and needs are sometimes much more important than beauty. After you find the suitable furniture for your needs and space, it is easy to combine it with other elements of your space. You can find lots of different and stylish designs of coffee tables in the "Coffee Tablescategory of our site.