Knowing how to decorate windows is a great hack to tinker around with a room’s design and match it to your mood. While there’s a whole variety of window types you can install, that’s a one-time decision made at the time of building your home. Decorating windows, on the other hand, opens up tons of design and decor opportunities. Once you know how to decorate your window, you can modify any room’s feel without having to do much. What’s best? It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving into a new space or want to upgrade the room you’re living in. Decorating windows is an anytime, low-resource-consuming decor change.


Sheer curtains in egg white are an undebatable choice for a living room blessed with large windows. The curtains help to control how much light you want flooding into the room and ensure privacy without taking away from the view. Simple curtains with a basic rod do the trick and comfortably blend into the rest of the room’s decor.

Windows that open into a balcony make how to decorate living room windows that much easier. Depending on the size of your balcony, you have enough opportunity to adorn the space with patio furniture, plants, candle holders, hanging lamps, birdbaths and feeders. These elements add a touch of class to your balcony and lend an aesthetic appeal to your living room windows.

You may be wondering how to decorate a bedroom with lots of windows. You may think traditional curtains should be enough but they aren’t always the right answer for how to decorate a room with a lot of windows. Too many curtains for too many windows and your room may end up looking busier and feeling stuffier than you’d like.

Blinds and shades come to the rescue in a room with many windows. They take care of functionality and hardly demand anything in terms of space. Customised blinds that match the room’s design is a good trick for how to decorate windows in bedroom. When you have designer wallpaper in your room, the blinds should be in a neutral or subtle shade so they don’t take attention away from the wall.