Do you need to transform your space? Are you looking for a game changing element? If you say “yes!”, let’s see how to decorate your space with a wall mirror.

         Wall mirrors are the kind of decoration element that reflects your room and make the room look bigger due to the effects of perspectives on the human brain. Besides this function, they are also very trendy and decorative for many kinds of spaces. You can use them to create a unique space for your living space. Here in our blog, we compile the valuable tips for wall mirror room decoration that help you to create your own unique, functional, and aesthetic place.

How to Make a Room Look Better with a Wall Mirror?

          We mentioned that the simple and effective way to change your space is using some wall mirrors. A well-placed wall mirror can change the ambiance of your space, add depth to your room and add a touch of design. Have a look at these steps to find the perfect wall mirror idea.

1- Finding the Location:

        The position and placement of a wall mirror is very important for its usage. Firstly, find the central point in your space that is most beautiful to you or the area that looks bigger and fresher. Then place your wall mirror that reflects the area that you choose. When you position the mirror like this, your room will look bigger and it adds depth visually. Also, your favorite corners of the room will be visible from more angles now. If you position your mirror in front of an aesthetic furniture in your room or a piece of artwork, you absolutely elevate the visual impact of your wall mirror.

2- Size Matters: 

          The size and scale of your mirror is one of the key points of decorating a room with a wall mirror. The aim of using a wall mirror to decorate your room is to enhance the room's freshness, and style. Therefore, finding the right size is very important: if the mirror is too small, it won't create the impact that you want for your room. If the mirror is too big, it may overwhelm the interior and also it may create unwanted light reflections and glare in your room.

3- Show Your Style:

          Your home, your habitat is an important part of your life. This is the place where you can show your style the most. Following the trends is sometimes a good choice but you can get out of the standards of trends and decorate your own space with your own style. If you are a creative person that loves using bold colors for the walls and curvy furniture for your living room, then our wavy mirrors from the “Mirrors” collection are the best for your space and you can mix and match mirrors of various shapes. If you are a rustic enthusiast, then Shelda Mirror is just the right decision for you or if you are a maximalist design lover and you have a modern design style in your home then the only missing thing for your space is Brody Mirror.



Tips for Styling Your Room with a Wall Mirror

          Now that you learnt the basics of room decoration with wall mirrors. Here are some additional tips for you to style your space with mirrors perfectly.

Accessorize it:

          Consider the wall mirror as the center of your decoration. You can combine it with furniture like console or dining table in your dining room or you can use it as an artistic corner for your living room by combining it with artworks.


Think Beyond the Wall: 

           Customizing a wall mirror is not only limited to the wall. If the size of the mirror is enough, you can use it as leaning it against the wall and this style would give a bohemian feeling to your area. Also, you can add some movement to your furniture pieces by placing your mirrors on top of them.



          You can combine your mirror with different furniture pieces to have different feelings in your room. Combine a sleek, modern mirror with bold, rustic wooden furniture or contrast an ornate framed mirror with minimal decors.

          If you are ready to choose your mirror and transform your space like a pro, you can dive into our 'Mirrors' collection, which includes wavy mirrors to full-length mirrors. Find your perfect piece of your space.