Wall sconces are a fantastic way to make your home look beautiful and cozy. They are aesthetic wall decorations that also light up your space. In this guide, we'll give you easy ideas for using wall sconces in your home and tell you where to put them and decorate with aesthetic wall lighting.

Where Should Wall Sconces Be Placed in a Room?

Choosing where to put your wall sconces can change the mood of a room. Here are some simple ideas:

Wall Sconces for Living Room 

Next to Art: Hang sconces on both sides of a beautiful painting or mirror to make them stand out.

Near Shelves: Put sconces above your shelves to make your books or decorations look great.It will also create a reading light.

Reading Corners: Install sconces by your reading nook to have cozy light when you read and also use these decorative dimmable lighting for evenings on the room.

Wall Sconces for Dining Room:

Above Buffets: Hang sconces above your dining room buffet to make your dining area fancy.

By Mirrors: Place sconces on the sides of a big mirror to make your dining area look bigger.

  1. Bedroom:

Wall Sconces for Bedroom: Use sconces on both sides of your bed as bedside lamps.

Over Dressers: Put sconces above dressers or vanities to help you get ready in style.

  1. Hallways:

On the Walls: Use sconces to light up long hallways and make them look inviting.

Where Should Bathroom Wall Sconces Be Placed?

Choosing the right spot for bathroom sconces is important for getting ready comfortably:

  1. Vanity Lighting - Focusing on Mirrors:

On the Sides of the Mirror: Place sconces on both sides of your bathroom mirror at eye level for clear lighting. Pairing wall lights / wall lamps with mirrors and not using ceiling lights can change the whole room.

Above the Mirror: To light up the whole mirror area, mount sconces above it. However we always suggest putting them on sides rather than above for being able to use it functionally.

In summary, wall sconces are like stylish wall decorations that also provide light. By putting them in the right places, you can make your home cozy and beautiful. Whether you choose classic or unique sconces, they'll add both style and practicality to your decor. These fixtures come in various designs, from vintage to modern wall sconces, allowing you to match them with your home's overall theme effortlessly. Additionally, wall sconces can save space compared to bulky table lamps, making them a great choice for smaller rooms. Their soft, ambient glow creates a welcoming atmosphere that's perfect for relaxation and social gatherings, making your home feel more inviting and charming.

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