The world of interior design evolves over the years, although not as rapidly as fashion trends. While some once considered stylish and modern designs may lose their appeal over time, certain design elements manage to stand the test of time and continue to impress. As we reach the mid-2023, it becomes increasingly important to make smart interior choices that not only resonate with our souls but also contribute to a more sustainable planet. To understand where the 2020s are heading, we must distinguish elements that will remain timeless and chic from those that are merely fleeting trends.


Natural Tones - Especially Browns and Pinks

Emphasizing the enduring appeal of natural tones in interior design comes as no surprise, and their popularity shows no signs of waning. The soothing and comforting ambiance created by warm brown tones makes any space feel like a welcoming retreat. Meanwhile, the timeless charm of romantic pinks remains a top choice in recent design trends. By incorporating these natural tones, interior spaces establish a seamless connection with nature, infusing the environment with a sense of tranquility and serenity. Discover how the art of interior design beautifully merges with the calming influence of nature's hues.


Terrazzo And Textured Tile Patterns

Timeless Elegance: Mosaics and Terrazzo in Interior Design. Embrace enduring charm with mosaics and terrazzo. These materials are making a comeback, replacing marble slabs for a touch of artisanal beauty. Discover the allure of three-dimensional textured tiles, adding tactile and visual interest to modern spaces. Redefine your interiors with these captivating design trends.


Gold And Stainless Steel Details

Gold and stainless steel details offer timeless options for infusing elegance and sophistication into interior spaces. The captivating brilliance of gold combined with the modern and sleek look of stainless steel enhances furniture, lighting fixtures, and decorative accessories, adding a touch of luxury and simplicity to interiors. The combination of gold's dazzling allure and stainless steel's durability transforms interior spaces into contemporary and sophisticated havens. At Ethnik Living, we believe in merging "gold's" modern designs with the strength of "stainless steel" to create elegant, timeless, and durable products for your home.


Striking Glass Details

The use of glass as a prominent design element in interiors is increasingly popular, especially with unique and intriguing applications. Glass-made lighting fixtures and decorative pieces add elegance and style to spaces, with Italian Murano chandeliers, in particular, transporting interiors back to the enchanting ambiance of the 1970s and 1980s.


Brutalism And Modern Touches

Embrace Bold Modernity with Brutalism Design: Unleashing the Beauty of Raw Concrete. Discover the captivating appeal of brutalism design, where raw and untreated concrete takes center stage as a powerful building material. This style emphasizes functionality and industrial elements, while contemporary interpretations infuse warmer touches. From striking facades to trendy flooring and furniture, concrete exudes modern charm, creating a serene and inviting ambiance for your interiors. Explore the essence of industrial elegance and discover the latest trends in interior design with our inspiring collection.


Modern Sofas: Where Elegance Meets Comfort In Interior Spaces

Sofas play a vital role in interior design, and their modern and chic designs are captivating attention. Embrace the contemporary aesthetic and graceful lines of modern sofas, as they enchant your interior spaces and add a touch of exclusive atmosphere to your living areas.

Beyond their stylish appearance, modern sofas are also distinguished by their functionality. Modular sofa sets provide users with the freedom to creatively arrange their spaces while preserving aesthetics. At Ethnik Living, we are dedicated to offering our customers sofas that harmonize style and functionality.


A Look Into The 2020’s

Interior design in the 2020s embraces a fusion of past and present, creating warm, imaginative spaces. Natural tones and modern materials set the stage for sustainable and stylish choices, emphasizing the growing importance of eco-friendly design.