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Meet IZEL, Co-Founder & Creative Director | Ethnik Living

 Born on November 12, 1999, in Istanbul, Izel Cansın Emiroğulları is a female business owner and designer. 
Her design pieces are being used in Four Seasons Orlando Park Suites, The W Hotel Hollywood, Michelin Star-winning restaurants from Los Angeles to London, Cartier Flagship Stores, Cannes Film Festival 2023, Suites of Chanel Haute Couture, and Paris Fashion Week 2023, as well as in thousands of homes internationally.
She co-founded Ethnik Living during her last year at university, just before graduating in Industrial Engineering from Marmara University, and the brand quickly took off after their success with their first mirror collection in 2021. Izel also studied at Istanbul Science and Art Center for Talented and Gifted Children for 8 years, where she took design and drawing courses.
She is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Turkiye Junior Achievement Foundation (Youth Success Education Foundation) She is involved in various events and activities promoting young entrepreneurship, with strong efforts to include more girls in the business life of Turkiye. 
She participated and achieved national first place in Turkiye at The Europe Entrepreneurship Program. Afterwards, she represented Turkiye with her team in the Junior Achievement Entrepreneurship Programme in Switzerland and was nominated for the Outstanding Graduate Award in 2016. She became a board member of the  Junior Achievement Foundation (Youth Success Education Foundation) in 2022.
She is currently in A Reverse Mentor program with Orhan Turan, the president of TÜSİAD - Turkish Industry and Business Association, Turkiye's leading business organization.
Her Iconic Pieces : Aorganik Mirror & Brody Mirror were featured in Vogue Magazine as the Original & Iconic #GRWM Mirrors on March 2024 issue and also in  Harper’s Bazaar Home Essentials Guide:
''ETHNIK LIVING’s legendary #GRWM mirror, a staple in homes from LA to LDN to Cannes. It has become a statement “it girl” piece for every interior style.''
Her Numbered Design Pieces was bidded and sold on the Chairish and was a part of Chairish Editorial in 2023.
She is also the head of the ELDP - Ethnik Living Designer Programme, that has over 1500+ active members from international design community, where designers submit their ongoing projects to work with her pieces for Ethnik Living and request custom pieces.
Izel's Latest Publications:
Vanity Fair October 2023
Vanity Fair November 2023
House & Garden December 2023
British Vogue February 2024
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The World Of Interiors February 2024
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''Changing the world’s understanding of the mirrors at the age of 24. After their first design mirrors collection, the brand became one of the leaders in the industry. Ethnik’s pieces are parts of major hotel renovations, Michelin guide restaurants and high-end brands stores furniture’s along with thousands of homes.''
- Vanity Fair November Issue '23
''It’s Izel’s World and we are living in it. Creating the new icons of the homes that we live in, from her first mirror design collection with organic shapes to her newest marble center tables, she designs essential home furniture in a reimagined way.''
- British Vogue February Issue'24
''Izel’s latest creation Jolene Mirror transforms small and narrow spaces into art gallery walls while adding depth to the area.Reimagining all concepts of home, interior décor and furniture while creating design pieces with the finest materials.''
- House & Garden November Issue'23