Brassy Gold Organik Mirror

Ships in 48 Hours from our own warehouse in Valencia, California


Brassy Organik Mirror spells out an aesthetic piece that has been formed from stainless steel and features an irregular shaped frame. It embodies organic beauty and flow. The curves and the golden tone of the Brassy Gold Organik Mirror catches the light in a way that creates a sense of glamour.

The organic shape makes the piece stand out for big spaces and beautifully curves around corners or frames large bedrooms or entryways. This versatile piece is made from stainless steel and looks like it just grew out of the wall of your home.Dewy finish achieved by special mixtures. 

  • Material: Brass plated, stainless steel frame, copper free 4mm Flotal-E glass
  • Hanging Options: Can be hung from any direction (horizontal or vertical)
  • Installation: Comes ready to hang; hardware included in the package.
Size Width (inch) Height (inch) Depth (in) Weight (lbs)
Medium 21.6
29.5 1.0
Large 25.5
35.0 1.0 25.5
XL 30.0
40.5 1.0 28.7
XXL 40.0
54.7 1.0



For the black option please see the Aorganik Mirror.


Shipping & Delivery

Ships in 48 Hours from our own warehouse in Valencia, California

XXL size shipped in 5-7 business days.

No Handling Fees - we’re equally excited for becoming a part of your new home. Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking confirmation with trackable link to your package.

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Wipe with a soft, damp cloth for cleaning.
• Some mirrors come with a protective film on their surface to prevent scratches during shipping and handling. Before using the mirror, carefully check for any film covering the surface.
• If a protective film is present, peel it off gently and completely.
• Comes ready to hang with all hardware included.

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