Gold mirrors as home decor have been a timeless choice in home decor for ages, known for their ability to bring a charming glam to space. Whether you want a statement piece or a subtle functional mirror, gold mirrors can transform your home by creating a focal point. In this blog, we'll explore different ways to use gold mirrors in your decor, from round and full-length options to tips on achieving the perfect look. 

Gold Mirrors for Bathrooms & Floors

Choose the Right Gold Mirror:

There are many different styles of gold mirrors from simple round mirrors, farmhouse mirrors, brass mirrors to gold sunburst mirrors.

Round Gold Mirror: Gold round mirrors work well in almost any room, creating a charming focal point. These types of mirrors are mostly used as bathroom mirrors. If you like geometric shapes in bathroom mirrors, you can also check for rectangular gold mirrors or oval gold mirrors.

Full-Length Gold Mirror: Ideal for bedrooms or dressing areas, these mirrors add functionality and fill the space. Some full length mirrors can be used as lean mirrors and floor mirrors if the shape is suitable for it.

Gold Mirror for Floor: Large mirrors leaned against a wall can provide a dramatic and modern touch while making a room feel more spacious. Majority of these pieces can be seen as lean arched gold full length mirrors.

Select the Perfect Spot:

Gold Mirror for Bathroom: If your bathroom has tiles that will complement the gold accent color, you can definitely go for a brass gold mirror. If your bathroom walls are more muted tones, you can also go for a shiny gold mirror as well.

Gold Mirror for Wall: Placing a gold mirror on a prominent wall can create a stunning focal point in various rooms, from the living room to the bedroom. These options can be an oversized wall mirror or a small space mirror depending on your space size.

Gold Mirror Wall Decoration Tips

Gold Mirror as Wall Decor: Arrange gold mirrors of different sizes and shapes on a wall to create an eye-catching gallery. This adds depth and flair to your space. We recommend using a set of mirrors to create an art gallery wall look.

Mix and Match with Decor:

Gold Mirror Decor: Incorporate gold mirrors into your existing decor theme by pairing them with other gold accents, like frames or lighting. You can use gold decorative wall sconces and/or frame lights/picture lights for this design. This cohesive approach ties the room together.

Experiment with Lighting: 

Play with decorative lighting fixtures to enhance the reflective properties of your gold mirrors. Strategically placed sconces or pendant lights can create captivating light and shadow effects. Gold metal framed mirrors can really advance with lighting.

Maintain Balance:

Avoid overdoing it with gold mirrors. Balance is key to prevent overwhelming your space. Mix gold mirrors with other materials and colors for harmony.

Blend Practicality and Style:

Consider how your gold mirror serves a practical purpose. Full-length mirrors in bedrooms and dressing areas offer both functionality and style, while smaller mirrors in living rooms and entryways serve as decorative accents.

Gold mirrors aren't just reflective surfaces; they're design pieces of decor that can transform your home's ambiance. Whether you prefer round gold mirrors, lean gold mirrors, simple gold wall mirrors or full-length gold mirrors, these versatile pieces can bring movement to any room. By following these tips and infusing your unique style, you can successfully incorporate gold mirrors into your decor, creating an atmosphere that reflects your personal taste and lifestyle.

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