Design Wall Mirrors & Full Length Mirrors & Oversized Mirrors

Not a round mirror this time, right?

Discover a wide selection of asymmetric mirrors, wall mirrors, lean mirrors, floor mirrors, full length mirrors, organic shaped and irregular mirrors for your home. Our collection of mirrors at Ethnik Living is designed and curated to make your rooms stand out with every piece. Ships Free & Expeditedly 

● Asymmetrical Full Length & Wall Mirrors

Choosing the right mirror for each room is a very important part of the home decor. Mirrors can have a significant impact on the overall feel of your interior design. Our collection of mirrors at Ethnik Living is designed and curated to make your rooms stand out with every piece. Whether selecting a wall mirror for the living room – a bathroom mirror for a renovation, large or small mirror to decorate, even a full-length mirror in any shape- they transform your space

◗ For Your Home Design: Modern Decorative Mirrors Design

Styling those mirrors is also a key element in home decor. We have curated a selection of design mirrors that can be used in various spaces within the home. Organic shaped mirrors and asymmetrical mirrors can be styled in bathrooms by placing them over a vanity, pairing them with another irregular mirror, or for the large mirrors, using them as floor mirrors for your home decor can make a big difference. Adding gold framed mirrors to a wall-paper or a tile wall can also complement the overall feeling of your home.

Design Tip: Oversize mirrors can also create a sense of spaciousness in hallways when placed side by side on a wall.

◦Irregular Mirrors For Living Room & Bedroom

From full length mirrors to gold wall mirrors, each piece in our collection can be styled on the living room and bedroom.If you want your living room to feel more minimalistic designed you can select through our decorative mirrors to find a modern mirror with a black frame and simple finish, or if you want to add a statement piece to your room, you can find a big standing mirror with a gold frame that enhances and brighten ups the whole room with clear reflection. We designed models and offered them in different sizes so that each space in your home can be transformed with Ethnik Living pieces.

◦Irregular Mirrors For Bathroom

Selecting a bathroom mirror for above a sink or vanity can be a distinctive design element in your bathroom. Bold metal framed mirrors can create a contrast in the bathroom while frameless mirrors can add depth to the space.If you have a double sink to decorate, you can go with a set of two small mirrors or a single big oversize mirror to fill the space completely. In a selection of shapes and colors from our mirrors collection, our material choice stainless steel stays the same in the majority of the models and provides a durable material for the bathroom environment.

◦Irregular Mirrors For Floor

We know that sometimes drilling a wall is not optimal, hence we make lean mirrors that can be used without hanging on the wall. Many of our full body mirrors can be used as lean mirrors to make it easier to style and use in every corner of the home without drilling your wall. Hence, floor mirrors make it possible to change the home decor any time you want by simple changing the room that they are in. Based on your style, you can also place them on a wall and use it as a full length wall mirror. Our pieces aim to bring your interior vision to life in any style you choose with the simplest hardware and hanging process ever.

◗ Full Length & Wall Mirrors Design for Sale

Explore our wide range of mirrors collection that includes full length mirrors, bathroom and living room mirrors as well as wall mirrors, standing and floor mirrors. Discover how to change a space with the illusion of mirrors and add a depth and balance to your home decor.Shop from our modern and thoughtfully designed Ethnik Living Mirrors for sale and transform your home to a scene from an interior design magazine.